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A warm, roaring fire can instantly transform your home into a cozy and stylish scene once the weather turns blustery. If you have an outdoor fireplace, gas fireplace or indoor wood stove, there are some safety, maintenance and stylish upgrades that are necessary to purchase. Hearth Renovations has all the essential fireplace accessories available for sale at our showroom in King of Prussia, PA. We have nearly every accessory available for sale either at our location or can be ordered through the manufacturer and shipped to your location. These upgrades will ensure your fireplace is safe, clean and maybe a little cozier.  Our showroom is open by appointment only, call 610-265-4214 to schedule. Installation, maintenance & repair services available throughout Montgomery County, PA and the Delaware Valley.

Hearth Renovations Fireplace Accessories & Maintenance Tools
Hearth Renovations Gas & Wood Burning Fireplace Accessories

Gas & Wood Burning Fireplace Maintenance Tools and Accessories

If you own a fireplace, some tools and accessories are necessary and can make the world of a difference when it comes to maintaining your hearth. Having the correct items to clean your fireplace more quickly, protect your home or make your space more beautiful help you to enjoy your investment even more. Depending on the unit you purchase, our experts will help you select the proper tools, aesthetic enhancers and maintenance aids. Below are five of the most common tools and accessories we will recommend to our clients.

Fireplace Tool Set: This item is necessary for wood burning fireplaces, however some people with gas burning fireplaces like to place them near the unit to bring a nostalgic charm. A tool set includes a broom, poker, small shovel, log tons and a stand.

Fireplace Grates: A grate is like a shelf that sits inside your hearth and keeps the logs lifted in the air, which improves oxygen flow and prevents logs from rolling around. Plus, since the logs are raised, ash falls under the grate and makes for easy cleanup.

Steamer or Humidifier: If you need to introduce humidity into your home there are a number of steamers and humidifiers designed to work with a fireplace insert.

Fireplace Screen: Whether you have a wood burning or gas stove, a fireplace screen is a smart investment. They protect your family, pets and surrounding area from embers that pop out of the fireplace during a fire. For gas burning fireplaces, these can serve as decorative purposes and as a barrier for pets and children.

Fireplace Hood: A fireplace hood serves both functional and decorative purposes. For function, a hood deflects heat away from your mantel, protecting it and keeping your valuables safe. For aesthetics, hoods are available in a variety of finish colors (black, brass or chrome) and designed to work well with any style fireplace.

For questions regarding our fireplace installation, maintenance or repair services or to schedule your in-home estimate, call 610-265-4214.

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