Fireplace Repair & Maintenance Services in Montgomery County, PA

Hearth Renovations offers a full slate of fireplace and hearth installation, maintenance and repair services throughout Montgomery County, PA and the Delaware Valley. Our experienced service department is dedicated to keeping your hearth appliance working efficiently and looking beautifully. Whether we installed your fireplace or not, we can service or repair any make or model of gas, wood and outdoor fireplaces to keep your product working in pristine condition. Hearth Renovations is accredited by the National Fireplace Institute and backed by 15 years of professional industry experience. Trust our expert technicians to ensure your heating appliances work safely and efficiently.

Hearth Renovations Fireplace Maintenance Services Montgomery County PA
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Wood & Gas Fireplace Repair, Installation & Maintenance Services

Fireplace Design Services: Our expert design team can help you with every aspect of the design project for your new or upgraded fireplace. We’ll help you select the best type of fireplace (gas or wood burning, additional products and accessories to create a beautiful look whether your style is modern or contemporary.

Fireplace Cleaning: Fireplaces need regular deep cleanings to ensure they’re free of soot, ashes, creosote or other materials that can restrict air movement, cause unpleasant odors or cause a fire. Fireplace inspections and cleanings should happen once per year. 

Fireplace Adjusting: Our technicians can help make adjustments to your existing fireplace including adjusting the air shutter or pilot light in a gas fireplace.

Fireplace Repair: Some of the most common repairs we can fix on gas or wood burning fireplaces include pilot light not working or staying lit, creosote buildup, chimney obstructions, dirty gas fireplace, low heat output and poor draft due to closed or stuck damper.

Fireplace Maintenance: Regular maintenance checkups are crucial to ensure your hearth product is operating at its best and ensuring the safety of your home.

Fireplace Installation: A new or upgraded fireplace can instantly transform a space, adding coziness and style. We work with our clients every step of the way from sale to installation and finishing.

NFI Certified Fireplace Installation & Repair Technicians

Hearth Renovations has long been a top seller of the most popular lines of hearths in the industry. We service and install all major manufacturers of gas and wood burning fireplaces. Installation, repair and maintenance are available for gas logs, direct vents, vent free products, wood burning fireplaces, waterfalls, gas inserts, wood inserts and gas and wood stoves. Our design team is trained to create the fireplace that fits exactly what you’re looking for. At Hearth Renovations, we have a consistent track record of making customers happy and excited for their new fireplaces. We only have NFI certified technicians perform all installation and fireplace services in compliance with all local codes; Hearth Renovations is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Annual Hearth Maintenance Service Calls

Hearth Renovations highly recommends and suggests an annual service and maintenance inspection for all gas, log, wood and outdoor fireplaces. An annual inspection ensures your beautiful fireplace is running at peak efficiency. Our professional and extensive annual fireplace maintenance service includes:

  • Clean burner and logs (important fireplace maintenance)
  • Clean pilot system
  • Clean and lubricate blower, where applicable
  • Clean and check thermopile/thermos generator output
  • Clean gas, where applicable
  • Inspect for proper gas pressure
  • Visually inspect vent systems and/or chimney
  • Inspect igniter
  • Inspect wiring and electrical connections
  • Inspect pipe connections
  • Inspect all seals and fuel line connections
  • Inspect batteries for remote control and receiver – Additional charges for replacing batteries apply

Hearth Renovations provides free in-home estimates to provide a positive experience for every customer. A member of our team will come out to take measurements and assess the renovation project you’d like done. If you have any questions or concerns a member of our team will be happy to answer them during the estimate and offer suggestions or recommendations. Afterwards, we’ll send you a detailed proposal with an estimated cost and time of completion for your project. For questions regarding our fireplace services or to schedule your in-home estimate, call 610-265-4214.

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