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If you’re looking for the coziness and warmth of a roaring fire without the cleanup a gas fireplace is the best option. Hearth Renovations offers a full line of gas burning fireplaces to accommodate both natural and propane fuel. Modern versions of gas fireplaces are very realistic with glowing red embers and tall orange-yellow flames flickering around ceramic-fiber logs molded from the real thing. Our showroom in King of Prussia, PA has a wide selection of available models from the best manufacturers in the industry like Monessen, Portland Willamette, Pilgrim, Fireside America and more. We’re open by appointment only, call 610-265-4214 to schedule. Installation, maintenance and repairs of gas fireplaces available throughout Montgomery County, PA and the Delaware Valley.

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Hearth Renovations Gas Burning Fireplaces King of Prussia PA

Types of Gas Burning Fireplaces: Inserts, Log Sets & Built-Ins

Gas fireplaces are available in three options: inserts for those who want to repurpose their wood-burning fireplace; built-ins when installing a new fireplace; and log sets that sit inside existing, open fireplaces. Our expert staff will help you pick the right type for your home and walk you through the key features of each model.

Insert Gas Fireplaces: An insert is a log-and-burner set that sits inside a metal box surrounded by a larger metal box we fit inside of an existing fireplace. Available either vented with a fixed glass panel in front of the flame, or ventless with a fixed metal screen or glass panel.

Log Set Gas Fireplaces: This is the least expensive option, because it is simply a stack of ceramic logs with a gas burner that sits inside an existing fireplace. They’re available in ventless or vented options.

Built-In Gas Fireplaces: Constructed similar to inserts, the main difference is built-ins don’t require an existing fireplace or chimney. Vented units with fixed glass panels will cycle the air and exhaust it directly through an exterior wall opening. Ventless units exhaust into the room and have a fixed metal screen or glass panel.

Benefits of Gas Fireplace Installation

While wood-burning fireplaces create a beautiful ambiance in any space, gas fireplaces offer the ease of no mess and no cleanup. Further, you can start, adjust and put out the fire with a remote control. A wall thermostat can control the flame size (heat output) to maintain a specific temperature. You can put a gas fireplace almost anywhere including bathrooms, basement or outdoor. While wood fires give out 10 – 30% heat, you can get as much as 75 – 99% from a gas fireplace!

Hearth Renovations provides free in-home estimates to provide a positive experience for every client. A member of our team will come out to your home to assess the gas burning fireplace project. If you have any questions or concerns a member of our team will be happy to answer them during the consultation and offer suggestions or recommendations. Afterwards, we’ll send you a detailed proposal with an estimated cost and time of completion for your project. For questions regarding our fireplace services or to schedule your in-home estimate, call 610-265-4214.

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